Parents are always asking me great questions about their students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Most recently, a parent asked how her child’s teacher could know nothing about dyslexia. I hear this question all the time as the Director of the Educational Therapy Center.

This justifiably frustrated parent reported that her child’s teacher felt that her son, with a documented diagnosis of dyslexia, just needed the right kind of book. Coincidently, I’d just had a conversation with a delightful retired teacher, who told me she had never had a student with dyslexia. And yet, research shows that one in five people is dyslexic. These are examples of well-meaning teachers without the right training and children (20% of the students in these classrooms) not getting the right type of instruction.

In Missouri, there is legislation pushing for two hours of training for teachers on the topic of dyslexia. This would be a nice start, but it is only going to give educators the tip of the iceberg on how to bring the dyslexics of the world to their full potential.

Anyone else frustrated with the status quo?

– Lorrie Wolf, Owner & Director of Educational Therapy Center