The study of math is not just about memorizing the times table. It is not a list of facts, but more about understanding. Even if a student can process a worksheet of division problems accurately, he also must know when to multiply instead of dividing, or adding instead of subtracting. Many students get lost in the language of math.

Just as they do with language arts skills, our students need time to process the new information in math. They also need adequate practice to move to the level of mastery — not just memorizing for a test. Our students need to understand when and where to use certain facts, formulas and applications. The goal is for the student to internalize this information, to apply it to everyday situations and to generalize it take to the next level of study.

Math-U-See was chosen as the math program for remediation at the Educational Therapy Center. It focuses on the individual student while meeting that person’s unique needs in the area of math. Plus it is very multisensory using simple but effective manipulatives to allow our students to visualize the math they are taught. The tutor can move through the material as fast as the student can absorb the information and demonstrate mastery.

According to the creator of this multisensory math program, “The mastery approach utilized by Math-U-See is unique and designed to give the teacher a clear understanding of when a student is ready to move to the next lesson.”

For Math U See, “The goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math.”

Math-U-See has the following components that make it effective:

  • Explicit Instruction — directly teaches skills for math.
  • Systematic and Cumulative — has a definite logical sequence of concept introduction.
  • Structured — uses step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing and practicing concepts.
  • Multi-sensory — engages visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels simultaneously.
  • Progress Monitoring — uses ongoing progress monitoring allows frequent opportunities to re-teach.

Math-U-See is broken down to teach specific skills that build as the student progresses. So often, our students have bits and pieces of knowledge and they do not know how to tie them all together successfully. Because the teaching is done on a one to one basis, the student cannot hide his or her lack of knowledge.

A placement test is given to determine your student’s areas of strength and weakness in the area of math skills. The master teacher will compile these results, write a report and sit down to discuss the results with you to see if the Educational Therapy Center and your student are a good fit.

To set up this assessment, please call 816-584-8860. Or send us an e-mail here.

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