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The Educational Therapy Center offers specialized instruction for learners struggling with reading, writing and spelling. Our tutors use the Orton-Gillingham Approach, but staff pull materials from many appropriate resources. The tutors will adapt materials as needed for their student’s successful acquisition of literacy skills. Ongoing training ensures that ETC tutors have the most effective materials for their students.

Our tutors have college degrees or specialized training to complement the 40 hours of specialized Educational Therapy Center training in the Orton-Gillingham method. After the training is successfully completed, a master teacher oversees a 10-20 hour practicum with a student.

Our facility is located in Historic Downtown Parkville with ample parking. It is a place full of active learning with students and tutors who want to be there. Most afternoons, our center is filled with the happy hum of kids reading aloud, or listening to their tutor explain a new concept. Tutoring is also available before school and during the summer. We also offer flexible hours for homeschooled students.

About Cathy Denesia – ETC Owner

At Educational Therapy Center, we are proud of our team’s expertise and qualifications. In collaboration with Lorrie Wolf, our consultant and Orton-Gillingham Certified practitioner with over 20 years of training and tutoring experience, we offer exceptional educational therapy services. However, the knowledge and dedication don’t stop there. Our team also includes me, an Occupational Therapist working towards my Certification under the guidance of an Orton-Gillingham Fellow.

With diverse educational backgrounds, our tutors hold at a minimum a Bachelor’s degree. To ensure that they meet our high standards, all tutors undergo comprehensive training at Educational Therapy Center, overseen by Lorrie, our Orton-Gillingham Certified practitioner. This includes 40 hours of classroom training and a rigorous 20-hour practicum at our center. Some tutors even pursue additional Orton-Gillingham training to further enhance their skills.

Continual professional development is at the core of our approach. As a team, we attend and present at prestigious conferences like the International Dyslexia Associations annual event. We also gather monthly or bi-monthly to share knowledge and engage in ongoing learning. Staying up to date with the latest research and best practices is crucial in delivering the highest standard of care to our students.

In addition to our collective expertise, I bring my own extensive experience to the table. Having completed over 52 hours of Orton-Gillingham training under an Orton-Gillingham Fellow, and currently working towards my certification, I am deeply involved in the field as the Midwest Regional Representative for the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), with a track record as a three-term president and current advisor to our KS-MO IDA Board. I am truly dedicated to making literacy a priority in our community. I also have a Juris Doctorate (JD) and have spent 12+ years practicing healthcare compliance.

But my dedication extends beyond my professional achievements. As a parent of three children with dyslexia and a spouse with dyslexia, I have firsthand experience with the educational journey. Over the past 12+ years, I have walked alongside my children, which has shaped my understanding and provided me with a unique perspective. My own children attended and achieved so much through early intervention at Educational Therapy Center. The team at Educational Therapy Center also helped support and inform me throughout the early years of understanding and advocating for individuals with Dyslexia. This personal experience fuels my motivation to make literacy accessible to all in our community.

At Educational Therapy Center, we firmly believe that a well-qualified and passionate team is key to unlocking the potential of every student. Through our expertise, continuous learning, and personal connections, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of those with dyslexia and other learning challenges. Join us on this transformative journey towards literacy excellence.


About Lorrie Wolf – ETC Founder


Lorrie is a Certified member of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. She received training at the ASSETS School in Hawaii and the Kildonan School in NY. She has co-taught Multisensory Synthetic Phonics with C. Wilson Anderson (Educational Consultants of the Midwest). In her private practice, she worked with dyslexic children and adults before founding the Educational Therapy Center in 2005.

Lorrie is a past-president of the Kansas/Missouri Branch of the International Dyslexia Association; currently, she is an advisor to that board. Lorrie also served as the treasurer for the Branch Council Executive Committee of the IDA. She is also a member of the Learning Disability Association of America, Learning Ally and a supporter of The National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Most importantly, Lorrie is the mother of a dyslexic — which is how she became involved in Orton-Gillingham educational therapies. Read the Wolf family’s story.

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