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Tips for Parents

  1. Surround your child with reading. Read out loud to her, modeling phrasing and intonation. Allow her to read anything and everything, many times if she likes. Have her read out loud, giving corrective feedback. Listen to books on tape in the car. Make reading a positive experience.
  2. Encourage reading fluency. Have him read a short passage several times while you record the time it takes. Children often enjoy seeing if they can improve their time, and the repetition helps establish fluency.
  3. Build vocabulary. Ask your child to tell you a new word she has learned every day. Talk about what it means, look it up in a dictionary, and make up sentences with the word. Play a game where each of you uses the word in a sentence at least twice that day, then again that week. Post a “New Vocabulary” word list and add to it daily or weekly.
  4. Play games. For a young child particularly, playing games is fun and instructive: clap so she can hear how many syllables a word contains; segment word sounds and blend them back together; call attention to alliterations in songs, poems, and nursery rhymes.
  5. Go high-tech. Use computer resources, including apps, digital learning games, and websites with learning games.



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Upcoming Events

9:00 am Morphemes and Suffix Rules @ Educational Therapy Center
Morphemes and Suffix Rules @ Educational Therapy Center
May 2 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Morphemes and Suffix Rules @ Educational Therapy Center
A hands on demonstration of teaching these vital phonics elements of reading and spelling for older students. Morpheme instruction helps increase your students’ vocabulary, their reading fluency, and their spelling accuracy. By identifying the prefixes,[...]

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